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sociology 8001 syllabus  [pdf format]


Christopher Uggen and Heather Hlavka. 2008. “No More Lame Pro-sems: Professional Development Seminars in Sociology.” Forthcoming in volume on graduate professionalization, edited by David Shulman and Ira Silver. New York: American Sociological Association. [1-page version].


1. September 8: research, teaching, and service
a. “who I am and how you can be too” (I’m kidding!)
b. power and purity
c. pulse check on resource use and interests
d. blogs and websites
2. September 15: the academic sociologist (handout by Scott Eliason)

a. types of institutions

b. social and political environments

i. public sociology and public discourse

c. social networks
d. developing your own professional identity
3. September 22: continue academic and nonacademic sociologists

a. academic employment policies (MN examples typical)

b. nonacademic sociological careers (handout by Scott Eliason)

4. September 29: professional associations
a. online resources - general
b. specialty
c. national, plus local, regional, and international
d. student membership
5. October 6: funding and paying for your research
a. “you lucky ****s!” -- internal support
  • Awards to Minnesota students
  • Bright awards
  • Travel Awards
b. external research support
c. piggybacking: research in the department
6. October 13: developing collaborative relationships as a graduate student
  • panel session:

a. student/student
b. student/faculty
c. faculty/faculty
d. interdisciplinary
e. interplanetary

7. October 20: preparing your CV and professional webpage

a. local and national audiences
b. when can I put something on my CV?
c. things best left unsaid…
d. to blog or not to blog?

8. October 27: presenting your work, part I
a. local and national sociology meetings (ASA guidelines)
b. local and national specialty meetings (AERA paper)
c. underinvestment in oral presentations (Uggen's advice)
9. November 3: panel and evaluations
a. midterm evaluations for fall course
b. ballots for student choice in spring course
10. November 10: journal publication, part I
a. publishability and “sloppiness”
b. Eliason on peer review – blind and public
i. offering constructive feedback to colleagues
ii. publishing in academic journals
c. generalist journal hierarchies

sociology citation rankings

d. specialist journal hierarchies
11. November 17: no class. work on "publication brainstorming exercise"
a. schedule individual meetings with Uggen for week of 12/5
b. project template

12. November 24: thanksgiving (no class)

13. December 1: book publication

a. edited volumes
b. preparing a book prospectus

14. Individual Meetings:

Note: Please bring two copies of your CV

1. January 19: organizing visits, plus professional ethics and responsibilities

a. research and teaching ethics
b. the ASA ethics code
c. why other professional associations may not have an ethics code.

2. January 26: human subjects and the institutional review board

a. unanticipated consequences in the field
b. sample IRB application
c. Protecting Subjects Guide

3. February 2: NO CLASS. [uggen will be on-call in 1167 for assistance]

a. Your assignment is to complete the informed consent tutorial for the social and behavioral sciences.
b. Make sure to complete all parts including the online test. You do not need to send the results to me, but you should keep a copy of the email results for your records.

Unleash the fury! Let the visitors begin! [exact dates of visitors TBA]

4. February 9: ann hironaka

5. February 16: joe gerteis

6. February 23: teresa gowan

7. March 2: michael goldman

8. March 9: phyllis moen

spring break!

9. March 23: enid logan

10. March 30: uggen Q & A
a. job talks
b. teaching portfolios and talks
c. letters and references
d. role transition and life of a new faculty member

11. April 6: open discussion (professional issues not elsewhere classified)

12. April 13: graduate student panel -- navigating through the program
a. Christina Falci
b. Fortunata Songora
c. Darren Wheelock
d. Heather Hlavka
e. Pam Wald

13. April 20: luncheon

14. April 27: ron aminzade

15. May 4: Department administration and graduate student funding panel
a. Carol Rachac, Assistant to the Chair
b. Robert Foxx, Graduate Program Assistant
c. Hilda Mork, Senior Accountant


sociology associations

other professional associations
sociology journals
specialty journals

journal publication workshop

a. pdf checklist


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