The Photo Galleries of Ron Anderson to date are mostly slide shows used in various presentations:

Photographing Sacred Mountains of Tibet and Peru, 4/12/11 (PDF 9MB file)

Report with Pictures of Francis Stafford's Photos from the Exhibition of "China's 1911 Revolution" at the Hong Kong Museum of History, March 1, 2011 (PDF 2MB file)

Slide Show Tribute to Gina Anderson (PDF 6MB file)

Slide Show Tribute to Gina Anderson, Feb. 19, 2011 (PowerPoint 35MB file)

Frances Eleanor Anderson (My Mother) Memorial, 42-Photo Slideshare Show  (PDF 10MB file)

Frances Eleanor Anderson Memoirs (PDF 10MB, 66 pages of photos and text)

A Short 7-Photo Biography (PDF 0.3MB file)

Nine Photos taken by (Grandfather) Francis Stafford, China, 1911 (PDF 9.8MB file)

Nepal-Tibet, 2005, Mostly Mountains, 38-Photo Slide Show (PDF 3MB file)

Peru, 2006, Mostly Mountains, 40-Photo Slide Show (PDF 8MB file)




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